The characters of Svevi Avatar inhabit our world, but in an alternate timeline triggered by divergent events that occurred thousands of years ago. In this parallel reality, the majority of earth’s societies strive to fulfil their potential in symbiosis with all life. But a small group of people threatens to devastate the environment and end the peaceful harmony that has existed for millennia.

The characters and stories of Svevi Avatar are brought to life through animation, stunning visual artistry, musical expositions, and written and visual narratives.


The world of Svevi Avatar is being introduced to a global audience by Iguana Books, a Canadian hybrid publishing house based in Toronto. As a publishing services company, Iguana Books has been editing and designing books since 1977.


Maya Svevak’s vision of the world of Svevi Avatar is brought to life visually and musically by a dedicated team of dreamers.

Subrata Kundu
Subrata Kundu

Director of Development

For over 21 years, Subrata has led a group of developers, digital marketing experts, and artists in delivering high-quality products and services to a range of clients in the areas of web, software, and creative design. Before his entrepreneurial foray and upon graduating with a degree in art, he worked for several years in publishing. In his spare time, Subrata loves to write poetry and ride his motorbike cross-country.

Character fix: I think Paul has the right idea in not taking life so seriously all the time.

Amalesh Das
Amalesh Das

Director of Art

Amalesh is an accomplished artist with over 25 years of experience and numerous scholarships and awards to his name. What keeps him immersed in the world of colors and lines are the multi-media group shows that he has been a part of. If you wish to see any of his multiple collections, drop into any one of various art galleries. In his spare time, Amalesh devotes himself to printmaking.

Character fix: I appreciate Beatrice’s keen sense of style.

Palash Das
Palash Das

Director of Illustration

Palash has over 17 years of experience in graphic design and visual art. He teaches university courses, participates in several art residency programs, and has set up his own art institute. After graduating from art school, Palash worked in the multinational corporate sector as a senior graphic designer and media specialist in business development and led numerous design teams. In his spare time, Palash pursues photography and yoga.

Character fix: I’m inspired by the way Qingshan defiantly deals with others underestimating her.

Sudarshana Ghosh
Sudarshana Ghosh

Director of Marketing

Sudarshana has several years of experience in content development and social media management and branding. Prior to her switch to marketing and upon graduating with a Masters in English, Sudarshana worked in the corporate sector as a human resources professional. She loves to live life, read, listen to music and has three children, one of whom is a naughty four-legged canine. Sudarshana is fascinated by fictional worlds that embrace magic.

Character fix: I respect the understated patience with which Bunim approaches people.

Purba Ray Chaudhari
Purba Ray Chaudhari

Director of Branding

Purba is a digital branding strategist with over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to her dive into entrepreneurship, she worked with large corporate clients as an Information Technology specialist. A techie turned digital marketeer, Purba is ITIL certified and is also a certified Scrum Master. Purba is a bibliophile and loves to travel. She is also a fantasy lover and comic book buff.

Character fix: Kasin’s steadfast courage in the face of unthinkable adversity appeals to me.


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