Maya Svevak — Weaver of Time-Space

As the author of Svevi Avatar and one of its main characters, mine is the animating consciousness behind this world. I can weave in and out of time and space to inhabit alternate realities. I can delve into the deepest crevices of the minds of others. I use conduits of the elements, channels in earth, water, fire, air, and potential, to travel through and between realms. I can transform into any entity, as small as an atom or as large as a star. I can transcend the boundaries of our immediate world to experience the interconnected nature of the universe.

I am both a main character in the Svevi Avatar universe and its ostensible author. Maya is a pseudonym for my identity that must remain a secret, for personal and professional reasons, until some point in the future when the conditions that require this secrecy no longer apply. Within me, the author and the character are inseparable. As Maya Svevak, I have envisioned the entire world of Svevi Avatar, written all of the novels and novellas and engaged artists, musicians, illustrators, and animators to transform my stories into graphic novellas, short films, and music. Both as the author and the character, I believe passionately in the need for social and environmental justice. As the author, I aspire to harness my yogic powers as effectively as the character Maya, who can weave through time-space to inhabit alternate realities and parallel timelines.

The stories in the Svevi Avatar universe record Maya’s encounters with people and situations across a period of 12,000 years.

“You don’t know how many times I was close to death,” she said, shame creeping onto her face. “He beat me so badly for so many years. He made me feel worthless. During the pandemic lockdown, he was especially violent and I had nowhere to escape. I lost two babies in my womb when he kicked me during his rages. But every time I thought about ending my life, the Lord’s love filled my heart. He told me that he appreciated me and that I was valuable to him. I wouldn’t have survived without my Loving God.”

From the Novel
Svevi Avatar: Persecution of Constantina

Know Maya’s thoughts and feelings about the world and her encounters with others across time and space.


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